Meet Tim

Zoom call self-portrait


Commission a unique collection of drawings
Tim Webb-Jenkins has been drawing people, parties, concerts, live events, restaurants and the world around him in countless sketchbooks and scraps of paper for over 20 years.

Teaching and collaboration
An engaging speaker, mentor and teacher. Tim would be more than happy to speak on the subject of drawing and sketchbooks. He is passionate about students developing their self-expression to meet their true potential.


“Tim has the uncanny ability of being able, in a few lines, of capturing a likeness or a moment, that brings a memory back to life in a unique way.”

Eleanor Vening
Events Director
Harts Group

“We commissioned Tim to come and visit us in the Cotswold and capture us as we developed new dishes and menu options. It was fun having him there and the drawings he did for us have been invaluable in helping us promote what we do.”

Richard Savage

“We were spoilt for choice, we had so many fabulous images.”

Julian Roberts
Creative Director
Irving Design